Monterosso al mare – cinque terre

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the 5 towns of cinque terre

Cinque Terre is made up of five small towns on a unique stretch of Ligurian coastline, suspended between the sea and the mountains.


This charming town offers scenic alleyways, beautiful beaches, and traditional Italian restaurants. Known for its picturesque, colorful houses perched on steep cliffs above the Ligurian Sea.

Monterosso al mare

Known for its beautiful beaches and wide promenades. It’s the largest of the towns and offers a lively nightlife, numerous restaurants, and cafes. It’s also the perfect place for beach relaxation.


Renowned for its unique setting along the cliffs. This place is popular for both its scenic views and the wonderful vineyards that produce local wines. Manarola also offers charming restaurants serving fresh seafood.


Beautiful town with a harbor where you can see picturesque fishing boats. It’s a popular destination for tourists who come to enjoy the beach, explore old defensive towers, and try local delicacies


Corniglia is the only Cinque Terre town not directly on the seafront. It’s located on a hill and is accessible by stairs or a bus. It stands out for its great sea views, quiet atmosphere, and local wine shops.

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