The area of the Cinque Terre is one of the most spectacular of the Ligurian coast and is located a few miles from Genoa to the south.
Part of a National Park, recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, The Cinque Terre cover an area relatively untouched for seven miles along the coast from the north (Monterosso) to south (Riomaggiore).
Green terraces, olive and lemon trees falls straight into the turquoise waters, and brightly colored villages cling to the sides of the rocky cliff. The nature of the Cinque Terre is due to the fact that for centuries has remained isolated from the rest of Italy, accessible only by sea or by land.
In 1920 a railway was built connecting the Cinque Terra in La Spezia and Genoa, but remain intact, winding roads that characterize the beautiful scenery.
In the National Park of Cinque Terre, we offer a wide choice of apartments or rooms for rent all year round, even for short periods. Our service includes full assistance before and during your stay.
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